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Growan up.

Just look at this! Here is my first bath, when I was a mere two weeks old, as compared to last night’s bath.


My first bath in the sink!


My ikea bathtub and new bath toys from christmas!

I suppose being a plump little healthy seven week old is a good thing, but mom keeps talking about how little I used to be. I have a feeling she will always say this. I mean, hello, I am still technically pretty small. I can’t even sit up on my own yet! Just wait until I drive the car, then she can really lament.

One of those peaceful moments.

After an exhuasting day of having to dress like this….


It is nice to take a hot bubble bath….


… and relax in my pajamas with my dad in front of the fire.


I appreciate that my mom is willing to work as my personal photographer. I keep her busy, especially because I demand she keeps me company during my late night “blogging sessions.”

I am grateful for her input…