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Bruce the Friend.

I have a Bruce friend that I saw this weekend. You may remember him. We met when we were babies. I called him Bruce the Brute back then.


Me and Bruce when we were babies.

My Bruce Friend and his mom.

My Bruce Friend and his mom.

But Bruce is definitely not a Brute anymore. Now he is all grown up like me. He also has a little bother just like I do. He is a sweet friend and I really like him.

His family is traveling across the country and they all stayed with us for a couple of nights. We had a lot of fun eating and playing and climbing.

We were too excited to eat our dinner.

We ate dinner..

We shared a nice sunny breakfast.

We ate breakfast..

We are both excellent climbers.

We climbed rocks.

We play superhero and princess.

We played superhero and princess.


We climbed fences.


We flew kites.

Both of our families.

We had a good time with our families.

I hope I see you again soon, Bruce Friend. You and your whole family. I loved having you stay with us!

A royal tea party.

Mom threw me a tea party to celebrate my birthday.






We wore crowns and sipped tea. In real cups.



Well. For a few minutes. Then we snarfed down cookies, put the veggies in our tea cups and ran circles around the room screaming. It was all a total blast. Mom stopped taking photos at this point, but just imagine how fun all the chaos was.

Then everyone sang me happy birthday and helped to blow out my candles. (Special thanks to Aunt E for making my super cake)

All my friends left with tea cups in their bags and pez candies in their mouths.

Thanks, mom, for the party.


Halloween started badly.

Mom made me wear this hat and dad made me take a picture with little bother.


But then we went to the Munchkin Masquerade on the walking mall.


There were people handing out candy. This made my day improve immensely.


Happy Halloween!

I hope your mom and dad let you eat all the candy you want.

Unlike mine.

Farm festivities.

Its that time of year again, when mom takes me to the farm. It was pretty much the same as last year.

Except, I picked a white “Cinderella” pumpkin.


And they had a new giant Cinderella carriage!


Oh, and little bother was with us.


So, besides those few little details it was exactly the same as last year.


I love fall on the farm.


After Mima went into the sky, dad stayed home from work for a whole week.

The first thing we did was to get to where we could look out over the city and mountains that Mima loved so much.


Then we drove up to the big mountains and went on beautiful hikes.

Some hikes I slept through.


Some hikes had water shooting out of rocks.


(The water was loud. It woke me up.)


And some hikes were very short with beautiful views.


It was a good week together as a family, even though we were sad.


There is still so much beauty in the midst of sadness.

Mother’s Day gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! I got her a special present!…………..



Yes. Snow on Mother’s Day!

Mom wasn’t super pleased with my gift. I also don’t think she believed that I made the snow just for her.

Well… okay. I didn’t technically make the snow. Whoever did is a genius, though.

Mom, I think you are as special as a snow storm in May. Happy Mother’s Day!

The tale of two trees.

We have two trees this year for Christmas. Probably because I am two this Christmas. Or maybe because we drove a very long way to cut down our own tree this year and couldn’t decide which one to take home. So, this is the tale of our two trees.

We drove a long time. I sat in the back and serenaded my family with the b-i-b-l-e song. They loved it.


We drove narrow canyon roads that wound through square tunnels.


Once we arrived at the place of many trees, we tramped through the snow looking for the perfect tree.


I took an occasional snow eating break.


Auntie Gwendie and Grampy are behind me claiming small tree number one.

Grampy and Auntie Gwendie did the massacaring, I mean tree chopping.


Auntie Gwendie and Grampie preparing to claim big tree number two.

And little bother was a lazy bum.


Stay tuned to see our trees all decked out once we got them home, miles and miles and many b-i-b-l-e’s later!!

Vail by sled.

We went to Vail this week. We seem to go there fairly regularly! This was the first time I toured it by sled, though. I highly recommend it.




Oh, but you need to have an awesome sled, and one of these to pull you around on that awesome sled:


That is a giant snowflake!

I love Vail. And my sled. And snow. And my mom.

Farm Finale.

Mom took me to a farm again. We took grandma with us this time, because she really wanted to watch me ride one of the ponies at the farm!

But first, I fed the goats.


Then I played in a big room full of corn kernels.


Then I was told it was time to ride the pony!

Let me assure you, this was no small cute pony. I was hoisted up onto a gigantic horse. I was so upset I cried the whole time. Grandma and Mom thought my crying was funny. They were laughing as hard as I was crying.


Looking back on it, I realize how great it was to ride my first horse with Grandma. It is a special memory. Now, at least. Now that my tears have dried.

The day finished with a ride on the world’s best swing,


Note the solitary tear left on my cheek from the horse ride. Also note the smiling Grandma.

That swing went so high you could practically see the whole farm! Next time we come back I will be braver on the horse… or demand a pony.


Thanks for taking me somewhere fun and exciting, mom and Grandma!