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My Mima.

I had a wonderful Mima.


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I will miss you Mima. I know that you are in the sky with Jesus. I tell mom not to cry because I know you are not in pain and that you are happy. Thanks for being such a great Mima.

(A note from Rowan’sĀ editor- Rowan’s grandmother passed away on May 12th after a nearly four year battle with cancer. We are thankful for the two and a half years she and Rowan had together. Thanks for following, Rowan Readers.)


Big girl bed.

I got a new bed. This is one perk of the impendng arrival of that little bother. So while he is trapped in my old crib, I will be enjoying the freedom of a big grown up bed.


Big girl beds are good places to read.


Big girl beds are a great placd to start the day.


Big girl beds are even a great place to take a nap.

I love my new big girl bed. I hope you enjoy my old crib, little bother.

That one book.

My mom tries to read me this book called “On the Night You Were Born,” (by Nancy Tillman), but she can’t make it through without getting choked up and teary. It is about how unique I am, and how special is the night I was born. The pictures are really great, which is a bonus.

If I want to make it through the book, I have to ask dad to read it to me.


(Thanks Grandma and Pa!!!)