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My Mima.

I had a wonderful Mima.


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I will miss you Mima. I know that you are in the sky with Jesus. I tell mom not to cry because I know you are not in pain and that you are happy. Thanks for being such a great Mima.

(A note from Rowan’sĀ editor- Rowan’s grandmother passed away on May 12th after a nearly four year battle with cancer. We are thankful for the two and a half years she and Rowan had together. Thanks for following, Rowan Readers.)


Easter Day.

Happy Easter!

I hope you put on your Easter Dress.


I hope you gathered with your family.


And I hope you had a picnic in the park.


But most of all, I hope you took a moment to think about what it means when someone says “He is Risen!”

“He is risen indeed!”

Easter Eve.

In between Good Friday and Easter is a day known as Easter Eve.


Mom and Dad took me to someone’s house with a huge yard. This person must be really messy because they had plastic eggs of all sizes strewn around and they wanted all the kids to help pick them up.


I was glad my basket was so small because then I only had to get a few eggs, most of which I took from other kids.


I thought it was all kind of odd until mom told me to open one of the eggs.


Then it all became clear. The homeowner isn’t messy, they just have a giant magic plastic chicken that lays eggs filled with toys!!! I can’t wait to clean up after it next Easter Eve!!!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!


Airplane at the airport. So cliche.

Today I took a plane home after a week long trip full of meeting family, seeing new places, attending a wedding and spending Easter morning at mom and dad’s old church. I had so much fun, and traveling does not phase me one bit.

Don’t you worry, the Little Blogger has all sorts of fresh material with which to regail her international slew of fans. Stay tuned.

But for now, I will go to sleep in my own bed tonight knowing the end of that story that started on Palm Sunday. It did get sad in the middle, but then it turned out very happily this morning. The tomb was empty!