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After Mima went into the sky, dad stayed home from work for a whole week.

The first thing we did was to get to where we could look out over the city and mountains that Mima loved so much.


Then we drove up to the big mountains and went on beautiful hikes.

Some hikes I slept through.


Some hikes had water shooting out of rocks.


(The water was loud. It woke me up.)


And some hikes were very short with beautiful views.


It was a good week together as a family, even though we were sad.


There is still so much beauty in the midst of sadness.

Big girl bed.

I got a new bed. This is one perk of the impendng arrival of that little bother. So while he is trapped in my old crib, I will be enjoying the freedom of a big grown up bed.


Big girl beds are good places to read.


Big girl beds are a great placd to start the day.


Big girl beds are even a great place to take a nap.

I love my new big girl bed. I hope you enjoy my old crib, little bother.

To trek.

To trek, one must start with a reliable set of shoes.


Find some shoes that will do the walking for you.

To trek, one must find trustworthy companions.


My mom and dad are my favorite trekking companions. For now.


Twizzle isn't trustworthy and he didn't carry anything, but he still makes a good trekking companion.


Grampy and grandma trek very well.

To trek, one must have protection from the elements.


A portable roof is highly recommended.

To trek, one must rest when one is tired.


I got to rest and continue to trek. Best shoes ever.

To trek, one must follow a reliable path.


It helps if the reliable path is also beautiful.

To trek, one must have an end goal.


This lake is named Isabelle. It is lovely.


I wouldn't know, I slept right through it.

So, go have your own trek…. just try not to miss the beautiful lake at the end of the trail.

A Tooth.

The week leading up to my six month birthday, I had this pain in my mouth. It made me drool a lot and bite everything. Then, on the morning of my six month birthday, mom yelped when I chomped down on her finger. Apparently I had sprouted something in my gums called a tooth.


I have a tooth but I refuse to let mom photgraph it.

I was really happy to finally be over the whole painful ordeal and long sleepless nights.


Painful gums were getting in the way of my beauty rest.

Then I realized it was only the first of many. Sigh.


Wait. Humans have how many teeth?

So stay tuned. I think I feel another tooth sprouting in my poor helpless gums.

Best kind of nap.

Sometimes I find it rather tedious to be in my crib all by myself during the day. When dad is home and this happens, I know a few purposeful shouts will lead to a much improved situation.


Snoozing with dad.

Dad is always willing to let me nap on his shoulder. This almost makes up for that iPhone situation.

Daylight What?

Mom tried to explain to me something called Daylight Saving Time.

So, one hour of the day magically disappears in the spring and reappears in the Fall?



I don’t understand why this affects me. I just go to bed at my normal time, and wake up at my normal time. Mom said something about being annoyed that she lost an hour. Well, I don’t know why she is so upset. From what she just told me, she will find it again in the fall.

The Oboe.

Today mom gave a small recital, and I enjoyed it so much. It was the perfect lullaby for my nap.


The oboe is taller than I am. How disconcerting.

That thing in my mom’s hand is called an oboe. I heard it for months before I ever saw it, and it seems much louder than it did when I couldn’t see it.

Working from home.

Anyone else have this problem? I am at home, working hard at my newest blog post when, bam….


I fall asleep.

That is when I pack up my computer and notebooks and head to the local coffee shop, and and find inspiration from the other hopeful writers huddled over their laptops and nursing their lattes. (Pun intended)