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Halloween started badly.

Mom made me wear this hat and dad made me take a picture with little bother.


But then we went to the Munchkin Masquerade on the walking mall.


There were people handing out candy. This made my day improve immensely.


Happy Halloween!

I hope your mom and dad let you eat all the candy you want.

Unlike mine.

Mother’s Day gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! I got her a special present!…………..



Yes. Snow on Mother’s Day!

Mom wasn’t super pleased with my gift. I also don’t think she believed that I made the snow just for her.

Well… okay. I didn’t technically make the snow. Whoever did is a genius, though.

Mom, I think you are as special as a snow storm in May. Happy Mother’s Day!

Palm Sunday.

Last week was Palm Sunday. I got to walk through adult church waving a palm branch.


It was kind of confusing and crowded. So after church I had my own processional.


I think both processionals were good representations of that original processional.  I even added shouts of hosanna to my second personal one, just like they shouted all those years ago when Jesus rode a donkey in to Jeruselam.

I asked mom for a donkey instead of the stroller, but she said to just be satisfied with my palm branch.



Since this was my third Christmas, I am starting to understand the idea of tradition. There are things you do every year, and there are things you do for the first time that you could do every year. Here is my list of things that have become tradition and I hope will be traditions,


Visiting the Christkindl Market,



Ice Skating downtown,



Freezing while looking at the lights at the zoo,




Making gingerbread men,



and making a gingerbread house.



Reenacting the story of baby Jesus and the princesses,



Wearing a new outfit on Christmas Eve,



Hanging at the slopes while mom and dad ski on Christmas Day,



And, of course, spending every evening gazing at the sparkly tree!


It really is a wonderful time of year!

Merry Christmas.


I think I understand Christmas a little bit better this year. There was a Mary and a Joseph and a baby Jesus and some animals and I think an angel. And something called a manger. I’m not sure what that is, and I don’t think baby bother uses one.

It is a good story and I’m glad we celebrate it every year. I’m also very glad little bother joined us to celebrate this year!!

Merry Christmas!

The tale of two trees.

We have two trees this year for Christmas. Probably because I am two this Christmas. Or maybe because we drove a very long way to cut down our own tree this year and couldn’t decide which one to take home. So, this is the tale of our two trees.

We drove a long time. I sat in the back and serenaded my family with the b-i-b-l-e song. They loved it.


We drove narrow canyon roads that wound through square tunnels.


Once we arrived at the place of many trees, we tramped through the snow looking for the perfect tree.


I took an occasional snow eating break.


Auntie Gwendie and Grampy are behind me claiming small tree number one.

Grampy and Auntie Gwendie did the massacaring, I mean tree chopping.


Auntie Gwendie and Grampie preparing to claim big tree number two.

And little bother was a lazy bum.


Stay tuned to see our trees all decked out once we got them home, miles and miles and many b-i-b-l-e’s later!!