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My Mima.

I had a wonderful Mima.


095 (2)







12.17.14 863

12.17.14 718

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I will miss you Mima. I know that you are in the sky with Jesus. I tell mom not to cry because I know you are not in pain and that you are happy. Thanks for being such a great Mima.

(A note from Rowan’sĀ editor- Rowan’s grandmother passed away on May 12th after a nearly four year battle with cancer. We are thankful for the two and a half years she and Rowan had together. Thanks for following, Rowan Readers.)


So Grown Up.

In honor of my eleven month milestone yesterday, allow me to brag a little about all the things I have recently learned to do… (besides standing, of course, because I have still eluded mom the shutterbug with that trick.)


I can sit on a chair.


I can play rather forte on the piano.


I can play on the big playground structure and scare mom by going headfirst down the big tunnel slide.


I can be trusted to hold an egg without breaking it.


I can eat while holding a spoon.

Yup. I am capable of some pretty fantastic things. So, now can I have my own iPhone, dad?

Growan up.

Just look at this! Here is my first bath, when I was a mere two weeks old, as compared to last night’s bath.


My first bath in the sink!


My ikea bathtub and new bath toys from christmas!

I suppose being a plump little healthy seven week old is a good thing, but mom keeps talking about how little I used to be. I have a feeling she will always say this. I mean, hello, I am still technically pretty small. I can’t even sit up on my own yet! Just wait until I drive the car, then she can really lament.