Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Oboe.

Today mom gave a small recital, and I enjoyed it so much. It was the perfect lullaby for my nap.


The oboe is taller than I am. How disconcerting.

That thing in my mom’s hand is called an oboe. I heard it for months before I ever saw it, and it seems much louder than it did when I couldn’t see it.

She felt badly about it.

See this smile on my face?


So happy. (Yes, I know I scratched my forehead.)

I currently have many reasons to smile, but over the weekend I did not.

See, mom puts me in cloth diapers. It has become her new hobby, well, obsession, really. She does all the washing with special detergents, line drying in the sun, and fancy folds that these diapers require. However, sometimes things can go terribly wrong.


That is my face when I think about how bad things were this weekend.

When urine breaks down, it creates ammonia as a by-product.  When diapers don’t get quite clean enough, the ammonia builds up and can cause a burn on the skin. Yes. A burn. The nastiest sort of diaper rash.

I was hurting pretty badly, I was bright red, and I was very cranky.

So this happened.


While mom did this.


Boiling the diapers can get out all the build up. In cloth diapering terms, this is called “stripping” the diapers. Mom likes to think she is part of a long lineage of women who have boiled cloth diapers.

I have been slathered in ointments, and the redness is gone.

Mom still feels pretty terribly about the whole thing. She is glad I am better. Me too.

Welcome Home Traveler!

Today mom got me dressed up and we went to the airport to meet someone special.


Aunt L has been in faraway places telling people about God. She also got to see some of the tallest mountains in the world. Both really great things.

Mom says the last time she saw Aunt L was three and a half years ago when mom and dad got married and Aunt L was in the wedding. (That sounds like 14 lifetimes ago to me!) Mom was pretty happy to see her.

I would like to point out the awesome skinny jeans that I am wearing. I am finally big enough to wear them! Mom says to not brag about that too much, because most women have the opposite problem.

Also. Do not be too concerned about that rather large gash on my forehead. I got a little carried away last night playing my arm flapping game.


You guys should try this thing called “hiking.” It involves getting strapped to someone’s chest and getting hauled up a trail.


Hiking is so easy.

It is a pretty great time, especially when you can get up close and personal to the big rock formations that could be seen from the hospital room on the day you were born!


Up close and personal...

image those giant rocks in the background.

Working from home.

Anyone else have this problem? I am at home, working hard at my newest blog post when, bam….


I fall asleep.

That is when I pack up my computer and notebooks and head to the local coffee shop, and and find inspiration from the other hopeful writers huddled over their laptops and nursing their lattes. (Pun intended)