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New Beginning.

Today I started Preschool.


I get to go to this big brick school that mom says is really old. Except now it has been turned into a school just for kids my size.


I get to wear this backpack that arrived in the mail for me last week. It has pink ponies on it. Pink. Ponies. Seriously. Ponies. That are pink.


The day was pretty fun. I didn’t really tell mom much about it and I don’t really know that I have much to say about it on my blog. Except that there is circle time and line leaders and ‘Mon ami’ means ‘friend’ in French.

Oh, and little bother seriously missed me while I was gone. He gave me the biggest hug when he picked me up.


I like to make him cry by telling him he doesn’t get to go to preschool until I go to the magical land of Kindergarten. He hates when I tell him that. But I secretly like that he misses me.


So far, this school thing is off to an auspicious start. Which is a word I learned in preschool today. Just kidding. My editor put that in to make me sound smarter. Cause now I’m a big preschooler.



I turned three years old today!


This morning mom and dad woke me up singing me the happy birthday song and gave me my presents! (A ballerina puzzle and ballerina book, in case you were wondering). Grammy and grandpa sang to me on the phone and watched me be surprised by the dollhouse they got me.

Then I played dollhouse and tea party all day. Little bother was allowed to play with me because I was feeling nice.






It was a good third birthday.

Even if mom made us go to the doctor for our checkups. I don’t want to talk about that. Except to say that little bother had to get shots and I didn’t.

So, happy birthday to me!!

Dance class.

I had my first dance class!

I had to take off my shoes and put them in a little cubby.


Then I had to sit on my little circle and listen to my teacher, Miss Julie.


The mommies got kicked out of the room. They had to take turns peeking into the door to see us jumping around like animals and pointing our toes and tucking and rolling.


I love dance class.

Big girl bed.

I got a new bed. This is one perk of the impendng arrival of that little bother. So while he is trapped in my old crib, I will be enjoying the freedom of a big grown up bed.


Big girl beds are good places to read.


Big girl beds are a great placd to start the day.


Big girl beds are even a great place to take a nap.

I love my new big girl bed. I hope you enjoy my old crib, little bother.

Dental Update.


Remember when I said I got four teeth in all at once bringing the grand total to eight snaggleteeth?

Well, that wasn’t entirely correct. One tooth decided to not come in after all.

But then it did come in, yesterday.

So now I have eight snaggly teeth. Officially.

Glad I could clear that up for my admiring fans. Also glad I could garner some extra sympathy over my delayed teething pain.

I skated!

A big milestone has occurred! I skated for real, in real skates, on real ice!



Mom and dad took turns skating me around the lake. I loved it when they made me go fast, but also when they hugged and encouraged me.



When I got tired, or they got tired of helping me, we used my new sled from Grampy and Grandma.


What a special day for our little family! Skating brought mom and dad together and now they can share it with me.