Monthly Archives: April 2013


I recently got a promotion. I am now part of the technical design staff.


My own keyboard allows me to make my own design decisions, even if they don't seem to show up in the final product.

I was most recently in the position of supportive designer.


I have good design input, and make good drool on desk sketches.

I started out in a very entry level position, which mostly consisted of being the inspirational support to the head designer.


My employee reviews complained that I too often napped on the job.

As I acquire new skills in my continuing education classes, I am sure I will continue to be promoted. I recently signed up for the baby food finger painting class, and those skills should be a big help as dad tackles his tough design issues.

Poor Twizzle.


I am pretty sure Twizzle and I will be pretty great friends, and he might even let me ride him like a pony someday, but I get the feeling he is a little bit jealous of me. This might have something to do with morning cuddles in mom and dad’s bed. I can’t help it that I am small, sweet smelling and not furry. Sorry Twiz.

Snow day.


There was a big spring snow storm yesterday. There was quite a bit out there, about half a Rowan worth of snow. This was less than was forecasted.

I can’t really understand why snow is fun. I just stood in it for a while then went back inside. Mom said something about moguls, with a wistful look in her eye.


Well, until I figure out what these mogul things are, I will stand in opportune holes in the snow while dad holds me, mom points her magic white box at me and Twizzle threatens to knock me over. Hooray for snow days.

Best kind of nap.

Sometimes I find it rather tedious to be in my crib all by myself during the day. When dad is home and this happens, I know a few purposeful shouts will lead to a much improved situation.


Snoozing with dad.

Dad is always willing to let me nap on his shoulder. This almost makes up for that iPhone situation.

Bruce the Brute.

I met another older boy. Bruce is a big ol’ sweetie, and he is the newest member of a very special family.


Bruce! (With his fabulous older sister in the background)

I was a little forward. He calmly chewed on his Sophie Giraffe while I held his hand.


Oh hey Bruce.


Nice to meet you Bruce.


Mom, why isn't he fawning over me?

Bruce is only a few weeks older than I am, but he is so much bigger. Look how petite his mom is, too! She is going to have majorly defined arm muscles, if she doesn’t already.


Well, Bruce and I have basically everything in common. He wears cloth diapers, we are close in age, we have lovely hair, we like to drool, and I like his sweater. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I do.

This past weekend two of mom and dad’s friends got married, and it was my first wedding. I tried really hard not to steal the show from the bride.


Aunt A was a beautiful bride.

I danced with dad, and even shimmied my diapered booty in the middle of the dance circle. I was a big hit.


Slow dancing with my best man.

They are both so nice and mom and dad kept saying how happy they were for Aunt A and Uncle R. Dad said to put in my blog something about them getting a little friend for me. So, there, I just did.


Congratulations newlyweds! I liked your party.