Monthly Archives: July 2013


Over the past week and a half I have figured out something monumental. I no longer have to stay in one spot. I can move across the floor of my own volition!


This means I can crawl across the room, lick the walls, harass Twizzle,


stick my fingers in those electrical outlets and pull over music stands while trapped inside Oboe gig bags.


Watch out world! Secure your valuables and breakables and prepare to rescue me from all sorts of predicaments! I am a crawling baby!

The Fourth.


Lucky for me this adorable romper fits the patriotic color scheme.

On the Fourth of July we all got dressed in red white and blue and ate hot dogs. I had to go to bed before the fireworks show, but mom said they would be too loud and scary for me anyways.

Mom and Dad said we dressed in the colors of the American Flag because the Fourth is the day we remember that once a group of very brave people declared their independence from a king and decided that liberty and freedom from oppresive government were things worthy of a fight.

So, happy Independence Day!

Ice and Skating.

I got to do something very special this morning. I went ice skating with dad for the first time!


The penguin on my shirt is also skating.


I actually skated for real. In socks.


We even did a press lift! Mom wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I thought she would be.

On the way home I heard the story of how that was the rink where mom and dad met. Sounds both romantic and cold, but I love that story now.


My cousin Ty had his birthday party at a place called the aquarium. It is a place with a lot of fish behind glass walls.


In the glass tunnel looking at the fish.

Cousin Ty got to put on a suit with flippers and swim behind the glass. We stood in a glass tunnel and watched him.


Grampy and Uncle Andy watching Cousin Ty.

I thought the fish were very interesting, as was watching Tyler swim, but the best part was banging my hands on the glass and shouting.


Grandma loved pointing out the fish to me.

Mom says I can go swimming at the aquarium for my birthday someday if I want to. She laughed and said that it will be the first of many things I will want to do just because Cousin Ty did it. Apparently he does some very fun things. But, for now, happy eighth birthday Cuz.