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12 Months Old.

I turned twelve months old on Saturday. At least, that is the number on the sticker that I wore for my final monthly picture.

12 month

Mom and Dad said that now I am called a one-year-old. Mom also said it was good there were only twelve months in a year, because she could not imagine making me sit still for any more of those pictures.

It is fun to look back on all the months that have made up my first year:

1 month


2 month

3 month


















12 month



Eleven Months Old.


I am officially eleven months old. I have five snaggly teeth, I can stand on my own, I can do three words of baby sign, I love rubber duckies and my favorite song is Rowan Rowan Row your boat.

I demand a giant duckie party next time I have to sit on this chair with a sticker and a smile, okay mom and dad?

Ten Months.


Ten months old today!

I am kind of unable to sit still for these monthly pictures anymore, but mom insists that I do. She pulls out all the tricks, offers me illicit items, makes funny noises and even tries to hold me down. Can you believe she thinks she can get away with taking two more of these photos? Good luck next month, mom.

Equal time.


Nine months old.

This morning during my obligatory photo shoot mom informed me that I have now been out as long as I was in. I didn’t know what she was talking about, and sitting still with a sticker on my onesie is just too much to ask of a mobile nine month old, so…


Sorry, what did you say? Sit still? Um, nah.


That was the end of my nine month photo session.

Good luck next month, mom.