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For the last couple of months mom and dad having been giving me this thing called solid food. 


At first mom suited me up and spooned mushy green stuff into my face.


It was tedious and, well, mushy.


So mom decided to allow me to just eat whatever they were eating.


So now I eat awesome food like this.


And most recently, the traditional family meal, cottage cheese pancakes.

It seems natural that babies should eat real solid food with their own fingers, even if most of it ends up on the floor.

Twizzle agrees.

The good things in life.

Allow me to share some of my favorite things with you.

First, my favorite toy is my rubber duckie. He goes swimming with me, but he is an all-around good guy.


Duckie is so squishy and blue. I love him.

I love harassing, I mean, playing with Twizzle. He is the best Chocolate Lab a baby could have.


Twizzle is so patient with me.

I love to suck on my thumb. It is so great that I have two of them and that they go with me everywhere.


Seven month photo shoot outtake.

And as much as I dislike naps, I enjoy finding new positions in which to take them.


Just expanding my horizons.

And finally, I love when dad gives me pieces of grass on our hikes. Oh, well, I suppose I should say both dad and hiking are also my favorite things… but poking mom with the long grass is definitely paramount.


Dad. Hiking. Grass.

As I get older, I love discovering the new wonderful things in life. Naps, shots, and not being allowed to play with iPhones are not on my list of wonderful things, but my list is very long and growing. It is good to be a baby.

Father’s Day.

Today was my first Father’s Day. Well, I guess it was dad’s first Father’s Day, too.

We went to Vail and drooled over skis,


I have no clue how to use these things. Mom says you need that white snow stuff first.

and ate at a Little Diner, (which is both the name and the description),


The Little Blogger made an appearance at the Little Diner. So fitting.

and then we hiked on something called a mesa. It was like a big flat table top.


Riding on dad's shoulders. Classic.

Happy First Father’s Day, dad! It was a good day, wasn’t it?

For the record.


I just want to make it very clear, my hair is not dyed. It was dark when I was born, and now it is turning blonde. I am sure this is a very normal baby phenomenon.

So, please do not stop us and ask my mom if she dyes my hair. It is getting quite ridiculous.

(Oh, but the Little Blogger doesn’t mind being stopped to be adored. That is allowed.)

The Giant Blue Bathtub.

Mom and Aunt E took me and my blue duckie to something called the pool. It was like a giant bathtub but it was blue and there were lots of kids. Oh, and the water was cold.


I am glad blue duckie came with me.


I used a splash signal for when blue duckie strayed.


I found keeping track of duckie to be a serious matter.


Duckie found a safe perch, out of the cold blue water.


I like blue duckie and Aunt E. Not sure about the pool.

Mom and Aunt E seemed to enjoy it a lot. I am still undecided as to whether or not the pool is fun.

Did I mention that the water was cold?


I went to this party this weekend which involved something called a Lobster. The Lobsters flew in all the way from Maine, only to be dumped into a very hot pot and then doused in butter. Even with my new tooth I couldn’t quite figure out how to eat them.

At least I was finally not the only person wearing a bib at the table.

A special part of the meal was when Mom and Dad told me stories about my great grammie who was from the same state as those Lobsters. They said she loved to eat Lobsters. That was probably because she had more than one tooth.