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My Mima.

I had a wonderful Mima.


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I will miss you Mima. I know that you are in the sky with Jesus. I tell mom not to cry because I know you are not in pain and that you are happy. Thanks for being such a great Mima.

(A note from Rowan’sĀ editor- Rowan’s grandmother passed away on May 12th after a nearly four year battle with cancer. We are thankful for the two and a half years she and Rowan had together. Thanks for following, Rowan Readers.)


Grammie and GP

This past week I met dad’s mom and dad.


Seeing each other in person for the first time.

They pretty much adore me.


I shall call him GP. And he shall be mine.

We spent some of Easter in a place called the Boston Commons. It didn’t seem so common to me.


Uncommon Easter.

It was wonderful to see them this week. I got to be spoiled in person rather than from afar. Getting spoiled is always fine with me, but in person is just so much better. Love you guys!

Good News.

Today I went down to the hospital to visit Grandma. She had surgery yesterday, and it was pretty extensive and painful, from what I hear. She is a brave lady who has gone through chemo and two surgeries. The doctors are very pleased with the results, though, and we are all very thankful!


I hung out with grampy. Boy, was there a lot of family in that hospital room!