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Heart Health


Hanging out with dad in the doctor's office

Yesterday I took a trip down to Children’s Hospital to get my little heart murmur checked out. I got an ultrasound of my heart, and an echocardiogram. Nothing to worry about here! I have a benign heart murmur, as many infants do. About fifty percent of all children get diagnosed with one at some point. So, I will probably grow out of it, and leave the murmuring for poets and crowds.

Children’s Hospital is an incredible and overwhelming place. Mom said we should remember how blessed we are, and say little prayers for all the other children there who don’t feel very good.

We topped off the day with a lunch at one of mom and dad’s favorite places… IKEA! I didn’t see much more than the back of my eyelids while we were there, but I hear they got a steal of a deal in the “as is” department.