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Waving my palm branch!

Today in church everyone had these green plants, called palm branches.

Mom told me that today is Palm Sunday, and we remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. People were happy to see him, and they laid their coats on the road and waved palm branches in the air. They shouted “Hosanna! Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!”

It is the beginning of Holy Week, and from what I hear, something really sad happens on Friday, but it is good, and then we celebrate on Easter.

But for now, I am just going to enjoy this Palm Branch. Happy Palm Sunday!


Watering my palm branch!

American Girl.


I am an American Girl, too.

Mom and her friends were swooning over these dolls, who are all owned by a lucky little fifth grade girl. They are called American Girl Dolls, and seem to hold some magical charm over their owners.

Apparently I already have one named Molly that is waiting for me in storage. I was told I had to turn 8 or learn to stop drooling all over my toys, whichever comes first, before I will be allowed to play with this Molly and her collection.

But for now, I will just enjoy looking like an American Girl Doll.