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Grandma likes horses. So we all took her on a trail ride.


Dad, me, bored horse, grandma.

And by “we all” I mean these people.


Auntie Gwendie, me/dad, Grampy, Grandma, mom, Uncle Anders

And by “took her” I mean Grandma showed everyone what a horse woman she is while everyone just tried to keep their horses on the trail.

….oh… but actually, I have to admit… this is what my trail ride looked like.


Mud, rocks, mountain lake, perfection.

Maybe someday I will be the horse woman Grandma is, but for now I’m still a bit too small, and mom couldn’t go because of the “Little Bother Situation”, and dad just wanted to throw rocks in the lake with me.

But, it was still a great familyventure.