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As it seems.

Does any of this make you nervous?





Don’t worry, it isn’t all as dangerous as it seems. As much as I love high adventures and climbing anything vertical, I do actually have some sense of safety.

Dad and Uncle Anders were on belay for me.

Dad and Uncle Anders were on belay for me.

So now you know the truth.


But still, I make this look good.

Rocky Mountain National Park is aptly named.

Rocky Mountain National Park is aptly named.



Sometimes dad goes for a bike ride with Uncle Andy while mom and I trek through little mountain tourist towns.



Well, at least that happened last weekend while we visited Rocky Mountain National Park.

We saw t shirt shops, taffy machines, yellow aspen trees, bugling elk, and big horned sheep!


Trail Ridge Road and some sheep. And mountains.

We got in the car to drive up a road, and I was abruptly woken up from my car nap when mom and dad ran me through a cold windy parking lot, rushed into a building called a visitor center, and stamped my new little book they told me was my national parks passport while the park ranger told them the center was closing for the year. It was all very sudden and confusing. Then they tossed me in a snow bank and pointed their iPhones at me.


Is snow usually this deep in September?

I highly recommend seeing your local mountains up close, especially if they include high alpine roads and year-round snowbanks.