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Since this was my third Christmas, I am starting to understand the idea of tradition. There are things you do every year, and there are things you do for the first time that you could do every year. Here is my list of things that have become tradition and I hope will be traditions,


Visiting the Christkindl Market,



Ice Skating downtown,



Freezing while looking at the lights at the zoo,




Making gingerbread men,



and making a gingerbread house.



Reenacting the story of baby Jesus and the princesses,



Wearing a new outfit on Christmas Eve,



Hanging at the slopes while mom and dad ski on Christmas Day,



And, of course, spending every evening gazing at the sparkly tree!


It really is a wonderful time of year!

Snow day.


There was a big spring snow storm yesterday. There was quite a bit out there, about half a Rowan worth of snow. This was less than was forecasted.

I can’t really understand why snow is fun. I just stood in it for a while then went back inside. Mom said something about moguls, with a wistful look in her eye.


Well, until I figure out what these mogul things are, I will stand in opportune holes in the snow while dad holds me, mom points her magic white box at me and Twizzle threatens to knock me over. Hooray for snow days.