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Farm Finale.

Mom took me to a farm again. We took grandma with us this time, because she really wanted to watch me ride one of the ponies at the farm!

But first, I fed the goats.


Then I played in a big room full of corn kernels.


Then I was told it was time to ride the pony!

Let me assure you, this was no small cute pony. I was hoisted up onto a gigantic horse. I was so upset I cried the whole time. Grandma and Mom thought my crying was funny. They were laughing as hard as I was crying.


Looking back on it, I realize how great it was to ride my first horse with Grandma. It is a special memory. Now, at least. Now that my tears have dried.

The day finished with a ride on the world’s best swing,


Note the solitary tear left on my cheek from the horse ride. Also note the smiling Grandma.

That swing went so high you could practically see the whole farm! Next time we come back I will be braver on the horse… or demand a pony.


Thanks for taking me somewhere fun and exciting, mom and Grandma!