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The good things in life.

Allow me to share some of my favorite things with you.

First, my favorite toy is my rubber duckie. He goes swimming with me, but he is an all-around good guy.


Duckie is so squishy and blue. I love him.

I love harassing, I mean, playing with Twizzle. He is the best Chocolate Lab a baby could have.


Twizzle is so patient with me.

I love to suck on my thumb. It is so great that I have two of them and that they go with me everywhere.


Seven month photo shoot outtake.

And as much as I dislike naps, I enjoy finding new positions in which to take them.


Just expanding my horizons.

And finally, I love when dad gives me pieces of grass on our hikes. Oh, well, I suppose I should say both dad and hiking are also my favorite things… but poking mom with the long grass is definitely paramount.


Dad. Hiking. Grass.

As I get older, I love discovering the new wonderful things in life. Naps, shots, and not being allowed to play with iPhones are not on my list of wonderful things, but my list is very long and growing. It is good to be a baby.