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Bruce the Friend.

I have a Bruce friend that I saw this weekend. You may remember him. We met when we were babies. I called him Bruce the Brute back then.


Me and Bruce when we were babies.

My Bruce Friend and his mom.

My Bruce Friend and his mom.

But Bruce is definitely not a Brute anymore. Now he is all grown up like me. He also has a little bother just like I do. He is a sweet friend and I really like him.

His family is traveling across the country and they all stayed with us for a couple of nights. We had a lot of fun eating and playing and climbing.

We were too excited to eat our dinner.

We ate dinner..

We shared a nice sunny breakfast.

We ate breakfast..

We are both excellent climbers.

We climbed rocks.

We play superhero and princess.

We played superhero and princess.


We climbed fences.


We flew kites.

Both of our families.

We had a good time with our families.

I hope I see you again soon, Bruce Friend. You and your whole family. I loved having you stay with us!

Bruce the Brute.

I met another older boy. Bruce is a big ol’ sweetie, and he is the newest member of a very special family.


Bruce! (With his fabulous older sister in the background)

I was a little forward. He calmly chewed on his Sophie Giraffe while I held his hand.


Oh hey Bruce.


Nice to meet you Bruce.


Mom, why isn't he fawning over me?

Bruce is only a few weeks older than I am, but he is so much bigger. Look how petite his mom is, too! She is going to have majorly defined arm muscles, if she doesn’t already.


Well, Bruce and I have basically everything in common. He wears cloth diapers, we are close in age, we have lovely hair, we like to drool, and I like his sweater. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.