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Getting out in the rain.

It was raining again yesterday, but mom and dad were tired of being cooped up in the house.

So this is what you do when you are in town and it is raining and they close down the canyon road to your house for repairs after a historic flood.


First, go to church.


Then help mom and dad run errands...


.. at a store that gives away free raincoats.


Then spend time reading at a bookstore.


And when you finally make it home, curl up with a good cloth book and your favorite dad and twizzle.

I am just glad we have a warm dry house at the end of another rainy day.

A very big rain.

It rained a lot last week.


Rainy isn't my best look.

And I really do mean that it rained a lot.


This was a creek near a road. Then it rained.

There was so much rain that it triggered what mom and dad called a 100 year flood.

Mom says that doesn’t mean it happens every 100 years, just that there is a 1 in 100 chance that it could happen in a given year…. at least that is what she said. I don’t know what she means.

All I know is that dad wouldn’t let me play with ducky in the new giant pool at the bottom of our road.


This pool was not here before it started raining!

We are safe and dry up on our hillside, and counting our blessings. Mom and Dad said to remember that a lot of people were not so fortunate.

Maybe I could send them my ducky?