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Poor Grampy.

Grampy got his knee re-replaced. Mom said he had a knee and then another knee and now another knee. Sounds pretty kneedy to me.

I know he isn’t feeling super great, but he certainly looked pretty great.


Grampy is cool. Even if he is balder than I am.


He let me sit in his spit-up bucket. It is something we bonded over.

Get better soon Grampy! I kneed you to haul me up mountains this summer.


You guys should try this thing called “hiking.” It involves getting strapped to someone’s chest and getting hauled up a trail.


Hiking is so easy.

It is a pretty great time, especially when you can get up close and personal to the big rock formations that could be seen from the hospital room on the day you were born!


Up close and personal...


...to those giant rocks in the background.