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Mother’s Day gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! I got her a special present!…………..



Yes. Snow on Mother’s Day!

Mom wasn’t super pleased with my gift. I also don’t think she believed that I made the snow just for her.

Well… okay. I didn’t technically make the snow. Whoever did is a genius, though.

Mom, I think you are as special as a snow storm in May. Happy Mother’s Day!

A special day for mom.

A couple Sundays ago was Mother’s Day. I’ve only experienced one other one, and from that experience I assumed it was supposed to be a sunny spring day where mom sleeps in and gets breakfast in bed. This year was a completely opposite sort of day.

We woke up early and drove for hours so mom could play the oboe, and it was really cold and rainy and snowy! Then we went to eat something called brunch at a very old beautiful hotel.


While we were waiting for our table I splashed in puddles, which amused and annoyed mom.


Then we walked around a big pond at the hotel, and I found mom a bouquet of flowers but she didn’t let me pick them.



Happy Mother’s Day, mom! It was a special day full of memories and good food, and delightful puddles and snowflakes.


Mother’s Day.

Today was a holiday known as Mother’s day. From what I can tell it involves dad taking me out first thing to get flowers and scones and lattees for mom.


I picked out those flowers. They looked tasty.

It also involves dad rolling out grass in the garden and mom taking pictures.


Twizzle had to be bribed to sit calmly next to me.

I don’t know if this is how all mom and dads celebrate mother’s day, but it was a nice day.


I love the new lawn dad planted today.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Aren’t you glad I made you a mother?