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Dental Update.


Remember when I said I got four teeth in all at once bringing the grand total to eight snaggleteeth?

Well, that wasn’t entirely correct. One tooth decided to not come in after all.

But then it did come in, yesterday.

So now I have eight snaggly teeth. Officially.

Glad I could clear that up for my admiring fans. Also glad I could garner some extra sympathy over my delayed teething pain.

Eight snaggly teeth.

Mom thought I was getting another tooth.


I was drooling and chewing and not sleeping.
Then it got worse.


Turns out I got four teeth all at once.


The ones on the bottom surprised mom.


But now that’s behind me, and my eight snaggly teeth and I can get back to happy times with ducky. Oh and mom. And dad. And Twizzle.. and..

Two More.

I got two more teeth.


Nope. Not gonna let you see them.

It wasn’t easy. I have been working on the top four all week, and it has made me rather cranky. And, even though two came in, I am still waiting for the other two in the middle to show up. I hope it happens soon.

In other news, it has finally stopped raining.

That is news worthy of a four tooth grin.


No longer the two tooth wonder.